The Everything Kid: Letting Go of the Desire to be Everything to Everyone


The Everything Kid is a memoir about a child caught between two worlds, one of cult-like religious manipulation and another of neglectful, self-indulgent narcissism. As a child of parents who couldn’t have been more dissimilar, one a fanatical member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the other a prisoner of her own choices and the chaos of mental illness and addiction, the young child in this story was invisible to each unless he became what either wanted or expected him to be. Alternating between households that may as well have been two different planets, the everything kid endured hostile and unpredictable environments, dodging the wrecking balls being dropped on him by each parent from opposite sides of the crane. He lived in a constant state of “fight or flight,” desperately trying to figure out which parents’ version of right he needed to follow in any given moment to survive, until ultimately, in order to obtain the conditional, yet false love and attention he so desperately desired, he initially learned to cope by trying to be everything to everybody.

The reader is taken on a journey that depicts how adverse childhood experiences directly affect adolescence and the way choices are made in adult life. This is a riveting, intense, touching, and heartfelt story about a boy who endures an incredibly traumatic childhood yet finds a way to evolve and grow into the best version of himself, taking his adversity and transforming it into life lessons that become a powerful aspect of his insightful and introspective character.

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